[Solved] miss caroline fisher of killing a mockingbird

Miss Caroline Fisher is one of the characters of the book “Killing a Mockingbird”. At first she appears in the second chapter. She was a teacher for first grade students, her age was nearly twenty-one. Miss Caroline was from North Alabama, from Winston Country. She was a bit conservative young woman and wanted to control and teach students in her own way, that’s why she told Scout not to read with her father because it would bring damage to further studying.

She was trying to teach students according to the new educational system called Dewey Decimal System. Miss Caroline didn’t understand that Maycomb is its own little world and differs a lot from other places. I think Miss Caroline was little unprepared for the group of her students, she wasn’t aware of the folk that lived in Maycomb that’s why she didn’t know about social status of her students.

When she suggested to Walter Cunningham to take him a quarter and go buy something to eat but boy refused because if she noticed earlier Walter didn’t have shoes on so how he could possibly afford himself take a quarter if he wouldn’t be able to repay it. There was another incident with student, it concerns Little Chuck. She was afraid of a cootie that was in his hair and she told him to get rid of it. In the end boy said that she wouldn’t return to school. It made Miss Caroline upset and she started to cry but students managed to calm down her. Miss Caroline lacked a bit of understanding.


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