[Solved] melting pot or salad bowl

1. Immigrants from all around the world have come to settle in the United States where they all gathered together and created one “Americanized” culture. All of the people in this culture have a lot of the same traits. Most of the Americans speak English. Almost all Americans dress the same and eat a lot of the same foods. Public schooling, communication around the world, and other influences shaped the US. 2. All of the immigrants that settled in the United States came together as one country, but they kept their own traditions, cultures, foods, languages, religions, etc. Many things show that they still keep their ways.

Restaurants with different foods such as Italian or Chinese. People from different places around the world live in different places in the US such as Mexicans living in Texas. There are churches, synagogues, and mosques for many kinds of religions. There are festivals and holidays that are celebrated in the US by certain people. It’s saying that the US has people from all around the world that still have their cultures and traditions, and that it isn’t mixed together into one thing. 3. I think that today the United States is a salad bowl. The things that I talked about in question 2 explain my answer.

People that come and came here still have their religions, traditions, cultures, foods, dress, etc. , today. As I said before, many things show that the people in the US still keep their ways. There are restaurants that serve different foods. A lot of people live in the same area as their ethnic group. To teach and preserve different religions and some traditions there are churches, synagogues, and mosques. A lot of festivals and holidays are celebrated by different people. It shows you that the cultures and traditions are not mixed together like a melting pot. 4. Currently, there are a couple a few problems with immigration into the US.

One problem is people from Mexico crossing the border illegally. The Mexicans want to come here to get out of poverty, find a new job and live a better life. The problem with that is that they cross over the border into the U. S. illegally, without going through customs and follow the rules. If they enter illegally, they often end up working, but not paying taxes. That is unfair because all US citizens have to pay taxes. This is why the US military is watching over the US-Mexico border to stop these people from coming here. Another immigration problem that exists in the U. S. is with Haiti.

After the earthquake in Haiti last year, many Haitians want to enter into the US so that they can escape from poverty and disease that currently exists in Haiti. Many people in the US want the Obama administration to welcome Haitians to the US. Yet, thousands of Haitians were promised that they would get to come here, but they remain on waiting lists. Before the earthquake, a lot of Haitians had their requests approved to come to the US, but many are going to have to wait because the US is only allowed to bring so many people from one country.

So, there are a lot of debates about these issues. . I believe that in fifty years, the US will still be a salad bowl. Today, some people are fighting because they want other’s around the world to adopt their customs and practice their ways. For example, many Muslims around the world do not like Americans because they don’t like the way of life here. Also, many immigrants from Mexico fail to learn the English language. This may prevent the melting pot effect. Immigration continues to diversify the US. So many different traditions, cultures, foods, and religions keep entering the U. S. People seem to always keep their own ways of life.


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