[Solved] mechanical and organic solidarity which one is good and why

Mechanical Solidarity and Organic Solidarity and which one is good and why ? Division of Labor : According to Emile Durkheim it means that dividing the works among the people according to their own skills , experience ,ability ,capacity ,competency etc . Giving work to a person who is expert in the relevant work . So concept of Durkheim the division of labor is good because it bring solidarity and people of the society closer. In division of labor everybody is an important part of society.

No one live alone everyone is connected and interdependent on each other . If we keep the standard in the division of labour in society we can categorize the society into two types Mechanical Solidarity and Organic Solidarity . Mechanical Solidarity : •Mechanical solidarity normally operates in “traditional” and small scale societies •Simple: It`s a very simple society (minimum parts) division of labor is very simple . it is simple because revolving around a simple things that’s why it is very simple . Population : small population as compare to Organic •Traditions :they are very traditional for example : in village maliks ,panchayat etc are very important because there is no formal law no judge etc •Religion : they practice religion in depth •Technology: Technology is very simple or absent •Equality :there is equality •Strict Punishment :if someone violate the norms they give strict punishment •Sameness: there is sameness •Collectivism : here the individuals give priority to the goals of one`s group (family)

Organic Solidarity: •Complex :it`s a complex and modern society it is also called the recent society or industial society •In this we need House , Food , Car, AC , Gas ,Light ,etc •In organic solidarity people like fixed price shops just to save their time. •Population :Population is very large here •Formal laws: in organic solidarity concept of tradition is very low, there are formal laws in written form. •Technology : high and modern technology •Religion :not in depth • In organic solidarity there is severity of work . o they don’ t have time to discuss things and how they are manufacturing ,they just use it to save their time . •Individualism :here they give priority to one`s own goals over group goals. •Self concept Which one is good and why? Both are good but according to my view Mechanical solidarity is good because it’s a Traditional and religious society in which people are very much obliged to the moral values and take care of each other while in Urban areas where rationalism, Science ,and technologies are dominant over the lives of the people .

In mechanical societies the worst social evil are very much prevalent like the robbery ,prostitution ,killing of people ,and so many other activities. Prostitution have become increased and widespread owing to the technological methods of reproductive medicines. We can say that it heals society but in retail but it kills morals values and ethics in wholesale.

There always persists the element of danger for the people as it is in case of Pakistan`s largest city Karachi where smuggling ,target killing ,prostitution etc have become the essence of city and urban life which are developed on the scientific and technological value which in turn have proved to be disastrous for the people which demands the new philosophical solutions which have emerged in the forms of critical theories,post modern studies and post positivist research methods which emphasis on the traditional and religious values rather than the positivists emphasis on the science and technology that had seen its results in the form of WW1,WW2 and so-called cold war between the superpower. Globalization have also prove to be negative for 3rd world countries by which the urban states of Global North exploit the global South countries of the rural societies. Whenever disaster comes the simple society says that we should do Nature worship ,God is unhappy from us but when it comes in modern society they say it is due to science ,due to explosion of volcanoes etc. So that’s why Mechanical Solidarity is good because in simple society their is collectivism ,religion is strong ,good relation with everyone ,solidarity ,every one is cemented ,interconnected, and love each other.


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