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Identify changes to current operations 5 References 5 1. Introduction Buying and selling cars is a very easy task now with the developed websites for car sales when compared to earlier days where people use to wait for newspaper and direct shop sales. In Australia lot of people prefer to buy or sell their cars in car sales websites. Caracals. Com Ltd, made it very easy for the consumers to display their cars for selling and it created several options for the buyers. Caracals. Com Ltd not only sells cars but they are into motor bikes, boats sales. Buying is just a click away and you have wide varieties to select from.

Car sales. Com Ltd was founded in 1997 by CEO Greg Roebuck. 2. Background The major aspects to be considered in caracals. Com limited are Private (for individuals who wish to buy or sell auto, bike, marine, homes, general classifieds and industry products) Dealer (for businesses that trade in auto, bike, marine, homes, general classifieds and industry products) Dealer and Data Services (support and research products for Dealers and Manufacturers) Display Adverting (for businesses that wish to advertise their products to the car sales customer base, i. E. Banner Advertising). 3.

Market analysis Market Background: Competitiveness, type of market structure. The major competitors are other car sales website organizations and newspaper advertisements and direct car sale shops and organizations. Caracals. Com limited gives high competition to its opponents in the industry and stands tall with its huge list of brands and great positive value in the market. The type of market structure is online marketing (selling and buying). Market Size: In terms of dollar value, volume or size. Website has a visit of 4-5 million people a year and every year there is an improvement in the sales.

Current market value of the company is 53. 9 million. It is one of the top car sales websites in Australia. Market Growth: Projected growth trends impacting on the business. The projected growth trends shows caracals. Com is way ahead of its competitors and every year their innovative ideas like introducing new APS and schools for making people gain knowledge and get opportunity to work with caracals. Com are making them stand tall in the comparisons with the other companies. Key Competitors: Identify and evaluate competitors.

It is easy to start a website when compared to a real store and it’s obvious that here is a high competition. Main competitors are drive. Com. AU, trading post cars and cartridge. Com. AU but caracals. Com surpasses this by a huge number of brands. Environmental Factors: Potential and barriers of the existing market. Increasing fuel prices and declining production companies of cars in Australia is a threat to the existing market. The major potential of the existing market for the car sales is its top status in the table compared to the competitors and the increased population making more consumers to buy cars. Target Markets: Is there potential to expand target markets? Caracals. Mom is increasing rapidly every year and now they are not only into car sales they are in house sales, motor boats etc. So in the near future it is expected to increase the people using car. There is a definite potential for the caracals. Com to expand their target markets and sustain in the future markets. Market demographics The profile consists of the following geographic, demographic, and behavioral factors based on a local Chamber of Commerce report: Overview Car sales. Mom Ltd started off as a service for selling used cars and has now developed into a leading competitor in the used car sales. It has diversified the market into not only cars but also boats and bikes. The online sales of these products has increased the used car sales market and is a convenient way of comparing prices and models and brands. Geographic Caracals. Com Ltd is only restricted to Australia and New Zealand but it is the top used car sales company in both the countries. Demographics and Behavior factors People older than 50 account for 63 percent of the auto market in Australia in the year 2011 alone about 5. Million car sales was done by people between the age groups of 50-60 and only 1. Million car sales between consumers 18-34 years. 4. SOOT analysis Strengths Major strengths are leader in the market, contains 26 brands under the website car sales Weaknesses Heavy competition from the other website created with similar concept and provides same service for the customers and other major weakness is its only restricted to one or two countries. Opportunities Main opportunities come with the different car brands support and financial companies trusting in caracals. Mom and coming forward with very less interest pay back loans. Threats Major threat is the declining car manufacturing industry in Australia. In the near future there will be no production and manufacturing departments which may affect car sales. Describe the new opportunity: Is it a product or a service? The new service name is alleles. Com. It displays different variety of electronic goods with low to high prices and several brands. Marketing strategy: Market penetration, product development, market development or diversification?

It is very easy to buy and sell used products any new product sales and used product sales department can advertise in the all sales. Com and all the buyers are free to buy any product. Marketed in top websites and television advertisements are released. Products from small ear phones to phones, music appliances and even big TV’s and other kitchen electronic goods are marketed. Describe your strategy and include how you have considered the following industry codes of practice to confirm your strategy: All the sellers must be registered before they sell any product so any malpractice is avoided and secured.

ADAM – Direct Marketing Code of Practice The ADAM Code of Practice was developed to set standards of conduct for direct marketers, minimize the risk of breaching legislation, promote a culture of best reactive, serve as a benchmark in settling disputes and increase business and consumer confidence in doing business with ADAM members who are bound to the provisions of the Code. Free TV Australia – Commercial Television Industry code of Practice The new Code places a number of additional requirements on broadcasters.

From 1 March 2010, broadcasters are required to accept Code complaints made through an electronic lodgment process via the Free TV website. The new Code also provides increased protection for participants in Reality Television programs and includes amendments to strengthen the nonuser advice requirements for MAIM 5+ programs amongst a range of other protections. The Code includes an Appendix for the new digital multi-channels. There are two primary changes for the digital multi-channels; an extension of the PEG time zones in the mornings and afternoons and some more flexibility in the limits for non-program matter.

Australian E-Commerce Best Practice Model The Australian E-commerce Best Practice Model sets standards for consumer protection in e-commerce. It provides industry groups and individual businesses with a voluntary model code of conduct for dealing with consumers online, which s underpinned in several areas by legislative requirements. Trade Practices Act The purpose of these provisions is to encourage competition in markets by prohibiting certain practices that are seen as unreasonably restricting competition. The Queensland Government is committed to complying with the Trade Practices Act 1974 and the National Competition Policy.

This Compliance Manual has been developed and revised to explain the obligations of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet and its employees under the Trade Practices Act 1974. The consequences of non-compliance can be extremely errors, including potential personal liability for breaches. 6. Break-even analysis Breakages analysis is used to determine when your business will be able to cover all its expenses and begin to make a profit. It is important to identify your start-up costs, which will help you determine your sales revenue needed to pay ongoing business expenses.

Conduct a break-even analysis of one unit of the product or service. Breakages point = fixed costs/ (unit selling price – variable costs) Alleles. Com gets profits mainly on the seller’s registration and a percentage on the sale of the product. Only cost will be the maintenance of the website and advertisements. 7. Identify changes to current operations the anti-discrimination legislation As it stands, there are at least 14 different Federal, State and Territory anti- discrimination and equal opportunity laws that are in operation throughout the country.

However, the Acts which are most substantive at the Federal level are the Racial Discrimination Act, Disability Discrimination Act, Sex Discrimination Act, Age Discrimination Act and the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act. Additionally, the Australian Human Rights Act can also be applied o the law of employment under certain circumstances. The principles of equal opportunity Equal opportunity is a stipulation that all people should be treated similarly, unhampered by artificial barriers or prejudices or preferences, except when particular “distinctions can be explicitly justified. The aim according to this often “complex and contested concept” is that important jobs should go to those “most qualified” – persons most likely to perform ably in a given task – and not go to persons for arbitrary or irrelevant reasons, such as circumstances of birth, bringing, friendship ties to whoever is in power, religion, sex, ethnicity, race, caste, or “involuntary personal attributes” such as disability, age, or sexual orientation.

Chances for advancement should be open to everybody interested such that they have “an equal chance to compete within the framework of goals and the structure of rules established. Equality and diversity Through the recognition of diversity we aim to ensure equality in the workplace so that it is free from all forms of discrimination, hostility, and harassment and bullying. Electro Optic Systems maintains a policy of gender remuneration parity. Being international organization diversity management benefits individuals, teams, our company as a whole and our customers.


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