[Solved] gloria jeans analysis

The tangible Service Quality Dimension refers to the appearance of the physical surroundings and facilities, equipment, personnel and the way of communication. In other words, the tangible dimension is about creating first hand impressions. A company should want all their customers to get a unique positive and never forgetting first hand impression, this would make them more likely to return in the future. Ambiance is good and relaxing. The decor is very welcoming and customers will find an assortment of cushioned chairs and sofas to make themselves comfortable.

It is self-service; customers can place their order and wait for named to be called. Staff is quite friendly and accommodative to your preferences. People reading a book or working on a laptop through their coffee is a very common sight here. They can hold a meeting with their friends to brainstorm their next innovative idea too. They have also well developed website where customers can find their food menus. reliability; The reliability Service Quality Dimension refers to how the company are performing and completing their promised service, quality and accuracy within the given set requirements between the company and the customer.

Reliability is just as important as a goof first hand impression, because every customer want to know if their supplier is reliable and fulfill the set requirements with satisfaction. For over 25 years, passion for quality has made GJ a leader in gourmet flavored coffees, origins and blends. They offer a large selection of flavored and non-flavored coffee on-line and in our retail stores. It is a combination of passion, commitment to their communities and dedication to delivering the highest quality coffee to their guests that unites their global team in the same Vision – to be the most loved and respected coffee company in the world.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees’ success around the world is built not only on their passion to offer the best quality coffee but in realizing that to be loved and respected you must first respect the cultures and needs of others. That’s why they understand that no matter where you visit them around the world it’s important that their signature experience also has a touch of local culture and taste. So in Turkey they serve traditional Turkish coffee, they also have developed a pecial Lucuma Chiller in Peru made from a local fruit and even in Australia we offer drinks made with popular local treats like Tim Tam chocolate biscuits. So from Kalgoorlie, in Western Australia to Kazakhstan, in Eastern Europe, GJ’s aim is to make all their guests feel truly at home. So in Bangladesh they introduced a coffee which is related to our culture. Shipping Information; all orders will be shipped within three business day of receiving the order. If there is any problem or question regarding shipment, they have immediate service recovery.

Responsiveness The responsiveness Service Quality Dimension refers to the willingness of the company to help its customers in providing them with a good, quality and fast service. This is also a very important dimension, because every customer feels more valued if they get the best possible quality in the service. Staff is polite and helpful. They are very fast and work very well together; the wait is never too long. Ordered coffee for three and it was fairly quick. The coffee is always the same quality.

The service is great and the staff is friendly enough without being too intrusive. assurance; The assurance Service Quality Dimension refers to the company’s employees. Are the employees skilled workers which are able to gain the trust and confidence of the customers? If the customers are not comfortable with the employees, there are a rather large chance that the customers will not return to do further business with the company. Employees are so kind and smile while making their coffee. They really make the place special and an enjoyable experience.

They are so friendly with the customers. They know the loyal customers by name and also remember what they ordered before and also know about what they like. Visible evidence of degrees, honors, and awards and special certifications may give a new customer confidence in a professional service provider. AWARDS: International Franchisor of the Year 2009 – FCA International Franchising Award Excellence in Marketing Award – FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards Merit Award International Franchising – FCA Excellence in Franchising Awards And so many. empathy;

The empathy Service Quality Dimension refers to how the company cares and gives individualized attention to their customers, to make the customers feeling extra valued and special. The fifth dimension are actually combining the second, third and fourth dimension to a higher level, even though the really cannot be compared as individuals. If the customers feel they get individualized and quality attention there is a very big chance that they will return to the company and do business there again. Gloria Jean’s collects several types of information.

They sometimes collect “Personal Information”, which is information that can be used to identify customers individually, such as name and address. They also collect “Non-personal Information”, which is information that does not itself identify them individually. Examples of Non-personal Information include age range and gender. They also collect “Aggregate Information”, which is information about use of GJ site, such as pages visited on GJ Site. The information GJ collects depend on what services customers use on their Site or in their outlets.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees respects customers privacy and seeks to protect customers Personal Information and deal with any Personal Information received in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. Except as disclosed in this policy, GJ doesnt sell or disclose information that identifies their guests personally. They use information about customers for their own internal purposes such as to estimate our audience size; measure aggregate traffic patterns; and understand demographic, customer interest and other trends among their guests and customers.

They may contact customers with special offers or promotional information. If you do not wish to receive any further communications from us, please let us know and we will take steps to ensure that you do not receive such further communications. They know many customers by name, they even know their order before they even order They are so kind to each other and smile while making their coffee. They really make the place special and an enjoyable experience,


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