[Solved] ghb ropynol and ketamine

Gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB) is often called “liquid ecstasy” because like X, it inspires a tendency to be touchy-feely and relaxed. However, its overall impact is more sedative than ecstasy, as GHB is a powerful relaxant and sleep-inducer, whereas X is an activity-inducing amphetamine. In fact, X is sometimes taken with GHB to counteract GHB’s mellowing qualities. GHB and metabolites do occur in very small quantities naturally in the human body and some very limited use of the substance has been approved in the U.

S. to treat narcolepsy. The exact effects of GHB can vary from person to person, but those who use GHB generally experience a relief from anxiety and increased relaxation. As the dose increases, the sedative effect of GHB can intensify and lead to sleep, coma, or death. Overdoses of GHB can also cause memory loss, vertigo, reduced heart rate, seizures, insomnia, anxiety, tremors, and respiratory failure, and when mixed with alcohol, can result in nausea and difficulty breathing.

Somethingto keep in mind with drugs like ecstasy and GHB is that they can often be used to facilitate sexual assaults, rape, and other predatory behaviors. Because they are colorless, odorless, and for the most part tasteless, they can be easily slipped into a drink undetected, and because these drugs often cause lapses in memory or alertness, victims may not be aware of what is happening. Memory impairment can also cloud evidence and accurate reporting of the incident. Both GHB and ecstasy can be dangerous drugs, and their use should not be taken lightly.

It’s understandable that if your friends are enjoying experimenting with a new drug that you might be tempted to join in the fun, and it’s true that different drugs can produce different kinds of highs, but they can also bring on new lows and risks. Sometimes the safest way of having a good time might be the old-fashioned tricks of surrounding yourself with people you like, wearing something awesome, and letting the music, the giddiness of conversation, and your stylin’ dance moves help to ease your inhibitions the natural way. . Special K is the street name for the drug ketamine hydrochloride, also known as ketalar, ketaject, vitamin K, and super K. Ketamine is a legal prescription anesthetic for both people and animals, but some people use it recreationally in powder (commonly snorted, melted to inject, or taken orally) or pill (taken orally). Like other dissociative drugs (including DXM and nitrous oxide), ketamine blocks a neurotransmitter called glutamate in the brain, which blocks signals between the conscious mind with other parts of the brain.

This results in the user feeling far away from her/his environment and insensitive to physical pain. At low doses, ketamine may give a mild, dreamy feeling of floating outside of the body. Higher doses may have a euphoric or hallucinogenic effect that causes users to feel even more disassociated from their bodies, to the point where they may become unable to move or communicate. Some people refer to this sensation as entering a “K-hole” and report that it feels like a near-death experience.

Ketamine is known to cause bad reactions in some of its users. Some people may find the dissociative effects scary or disturbing, particularly at higher doses. Ketamine may make users feel nauseous and cause agitation, violent paranoia, impaired coordination, and confusion. The user’s state of mind and environment directly impacts the effects. Taking substances in a safe, calm, and familiar setting with people you trust may help keep away you from regrettable experiences.

There are few studies on the long-term effects of using ketamine, but some users become psychologically dependent, and there’s anecdotal evidence suggesting that frequent use may lead to problems like disruption of consciousness, amnesia, and neurosis. Because ketamine is a depressant, high doses may lower heart rate and breathing function. If you choose to take ketamine, it’s important to avoid combining it with other depressants, including alcohol, Valium, or GHB, as this may cause serious health problems. 3.

Ropynol- You may be referring to a drug called Rohypnol (flunitrazepam), street-named “roofies,” “roachies,” “rophies,” “ruffies,” “roofenol,” “roche,” “La Rocha,” “rope,” and “the forget pill. “This hypnotic sedative enhances the effects of alcohol: decreased inhibition, sleepiness, and memory loss. However, the drug’s medical purpose is quite different; Rohypnol is primarily used as a surgical anesthetic or sleeping pill in about eighty countries, although it is not available legitimately in the United States. Drug enforcement officials say that Rohypnol illegally enters the United States from Mexico, Colombia, and Europe.

Unfortunately, the use of drugs by sex abusers to sedate their victims has been practiced for centuries. Many drugs, primarily from the same family of drugs as Rohypnol (benzodiazepines), can be used as “rape drugs. ” Known as a “date rape drug,” Rohypnol has been used to secretly sedate and sexually assault women and men. Due to its potential for abuse by people intending coerce others into sexual activity, Rohypnol’s manufacturer reformulated the drug so that it dissolves more slowly in a beverage and tints the beverage a bright blue (or makes dark colored drinks cloudy).

Rohypnol also creates a bitter taste when dissolved in alcohol. Knowing the signs of a roofie-tainted drink may help people avoid beverages that have been spiked with the drug. To avoid possibly being given a drink with Rohypnol, be aware of the color, texture, and taste of your drinks; don’t accept pre-purchased, open drinks of any kind from strangers or casual acquaintances (unfortunately, this may harken back to mom and dad saying, “Don’t accept candy from strangers”).

Rohypnol’s misuse also makes it advisable not to leave drinks unattended, even in familiar surroundings. Although there is a myth that roofies cannot be detected in a person’s urine, this is false. It is possible for people who suspect that they were drugged to be tested for the presence of Rohypnol and other drugs. These drugs can usually be detected in urine for about three days after ingestion, sometimes even a little longer. However, the sooner someone is tested, the better. Most rape crisis centers and hospitals will be able to run these tests.


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