[Solved] g i bill research paper

Thesis Statement: The impact of the G. I. bill really changed the African-American’s life as well as starting the beginning of the Civil Rights for African-Americans. The impact of the G. I. bill really changed the African-American’s life as well as starting the beginning of the Civil Rights for African-Americans. The establishment of the G. I bill in 1944 makes a huge change by offering severe benefits for African-American Veterans after World War II.

One of the best things about the G. I bill for the African-Americans was to grant them the rights to attend graduate school or College. Another good thing about the G. I bill was it became a motive for African-American to gain the civil rights from the White. As a result, The G. I bill helps marking the change in the lower class status of African-American towards a higher class status in the society. On 1944, the “Economic Bill of Rights” was introduced by President Roosevelt.

It was later acknowledge and preferred as the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act or the GI Bill of Rights. By the end of the World War II, millions of African- American veterans returned and claimed the benefits from the G. I bill. The G. I bill included securing full employment, giving an adequate income for veterans, scholarships for further education, medical cares and a decent home for all American Veterans. (1) For the African-Americans veterans, both men and women also gained the rights to attend college from the G. I bill.

The amount of African-Americans who had high school education or College education rose significant. In 1940, from 8 percent of African-American with high school education, it had increased to over 80 percent in 2005. For College education, it also increased from 1 percent to nearly 18 percent. (3) In general, the higher education they achieved, the higher positions they could be in the level of society status. Another good thing about the G. I bill which the African-American also gained was the civil rights of a normal citizen.

There was seemed to be an increased on education opportunities for African- Americans. However, the gap of racism between the Blacks and Whites was still happened. The African-Americans still could not get the choice to work in as many different fields as white Americans. There was still a huge different between the amount of African- American veterans and White veterans that were allowed to join the army as shown below. (2) As a result, it gave birth to the civil right movement of the African Americans started on 1941.

The Civil rights for African-Americans was truly a biggest victory in the American-African history. In conclusion, the effect of the G. I bill has really changed the stand of living of the African-Americans. By gaining the rights to attend high education schools, they can achieve higher degrees and prove themselves to be as worthy as white Americans. The G. I bill also changes the view of racism upon the African-Americans. It also gives civil rights to the African-Americans to be equally to the white Americans.


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