[Solved] friedrich wilhelm froebel

Friedrich Wilhelm Froebel
“Froebel is one of the major contributors to early childhood education, in his organization of educational thought and ideas about learning, curriculum, and teacher training.” He created the word “kindergarten” meaning “children’s garden”, which he felt best conveyed what he wanted for children under the age of six. Froebel lived an unhappy childhood, so he figured that early education should be an enjoyable and pleasant experience. He started his own kindergarten in 1836 for children from ages two to six. His system was centered on self-activity and the development of children’s self esteem and self-confidence.

Froebel observed children and came to understand how hey learned and what hey enjoyed doing. Froebel wrote, “Play is the highest phase of child development—the representation of the inner necessity and impulse”, in his book Education of Man. He had this idea that both men and women should teach children and act as friendly advisors rather than be looked at as strict teachers. This is a theory of his that I really relate to because when I was in school I had many teachers who seemed to hate their job and really never made the effort to create relationships with their students. I would rather have a teacher who is really passionate about their job and makes an effort to have a good bond with each and every student. No child wants a teacher who is strict, children would prefer having a friendly relationship with their teachers. Overall, Froebel contributed his theories and ideas to education and it really made a great impact on schools today.


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