[Solved] free of cost application for small businesses

The best part about this application is that it is free of cost, you can introduce remit accounts which are paid for the hotels, restaurants, services, places, etc. On which people provide reviews and give them the access to the detailed information about the reviewer and reviews so that they can improve upon their products and services, you can provide them a compiled view about what people think about them. Garter (September 2012) predicts: in 2013 there will be 81. 4 billion downloads of APS, 90% of these will be free APS; by tethered will be 309. Billion app downloads, but 93% will be free, i. E. Only 7% of the APS will be paid for. [1] Nowadays many applications come preloaded in smartness, which cannot be deleted, they come with the factory settings. This option can be considered to increase the market reach. Since this application is not confined to any specific place or country, gradually this application should be introduced in multiple languages. Everyone is using smartness nowadays; something, which uses the features of the smartness to give the reviews, will make it convenient for them and also act as an attractive feature.

For example an interface in which people can give their voice reviews if they do not feel like typing and a GAPS enabled application, which automatically detects the location of the place about which the user has to glee a review. Did a small market survey about this application with 4 people. Without giving any background information I asked their reviews about this project. Out of which 3 were not able to understand what this application actually does.

The website, the application and the description video needs to be more clear and concise, it does not explain the product and the motive properly. The part on the website which says, “We are part of team that founded Orange Gum. Buy the book so that we can continue to fund this app” does not give a good impression bout the company’s profile, removing this should be considered. The video should be upgraded to an HAD video with a better background score and clear meaning. Also the logo does not seem very attractive, a change in the logo might be considered.

An alternative source of income can be creating database and selling it to Mac’s. Every year Mac’s spend considerable amount of money on collecting genuine databases, so you can cash up on this sector. For example, extracting data about the age group, gender, working class or students, about a place where a specific elk of people prefer to go or do not prefer to go, likes and dislikes of people who give reviews. Do the in-house compilation of the database and then sell it. There are a few flaws in the business model, which can be rectified.

Every successful business is successful because it has something unique, your business has something unique too, which is your formula; make this formula as your USPS. Explain your formula thoroughly so people know if they follow a review from this application, it will be genuine. Make people understand why they should follow the reviews on Whitewasher and not on Yelp, Trip Advisor etc. Give people a reason to download your application. A huge work has to be done in the marketing of this application. Starting of with purchasing the reviews (paid reviews) by hiring a marketing firm for doing this work.

No one downloads an application with low ratings, so getting high ratings should be the top priority, which will make a huge positive difference in the number of downloads. You can have your application highlighted in a marketing email or a newsletter, which will create awareness about the application and its concept. Users are more likely to be pleased by an actively developed application, so the application should be regularly updated. The interface of the application is not user friendly, it does not keep the user bonded to the application; it should be more colorful and attractive so that the user loves to write a review.

After the sign up process, the password change process is very tedious, it should be made simpler. You can consider a direct login from Faceable, Twitter and Linked Accounts to reduce the hassle. In addition to the banner advertisements, Interstitial Advertisements should also be included as they provide higher CPM. Push advertisements can also be included. Analyst estimates that app revenues could be US$20-25 Billion in 2013;this could triple by 2017. 2] Since you have such an innovative formula for which you are awaiting patent approval, after you finally launch the application in the market, you can consider making a kind of software, which uses your formula, in which different review providing companies such as Combat, Trip Advisor, Winegrowers etc. Can input in the reviews and get the output as genuine reviews. Basically selling your technology with your Branding. This can reap you huge profits. To sum it up all, there is a huge need of this application in the market so that aka reviews do not fool people and they have a nice time whenever they go out.


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