[Solved] formative assignment

For each source, provide the full reference formatted in the Harvard Style. For each source, write an evaluation (1 50 words maximum) of its relationship to your chosen theme. Source 1 – Chapter in an edited book Reference: Brooks, l. The international business environment. In: Brooks, 1. , Weatherperson, J. And Wilkinson, G. (des. ). (2011). The international business environment: challenges and changes. 2nd edition. Harrow, England; New York : Financial Times/Prentice Hall.

Chapter 1:2-31 Evaluation: The chapter gives a focused overview of the topic, providing case studies, which analyses business environment using the PESTLE C framework. The chapter cuisses strategic planning, stakeholders and different strategies, making this chapter valuable for understanding business environment. It is useful for the audience as it gives detailed examples of how to analyses companies. Material is well organized with headings, subtopics, bullet points, which makes it easy to read and understand as it is supported by diagrams.

Moreover, it is a second edition of the book, which suggest, that the first text was successful, so second edition provides a completely revised, extended and updated information and that is why it was republished again. It was republished in 2011, making it up-to- ate. Source 2 – Online journal article Porter, Michael E. (2008). The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy. Special Issue on HOBS Centennial. Harvard Business Review, 86(1):78-93. [Online]. Available from: http://www. Hobs. Du/faculty/Pages/item. Asps? Mum=34522 [Date accessed: 16th November 2014].

The source is valuable, because Michael Porter, who is a leading authority on competitive strategy and the competitiveness and economic development, and is a creator of the framework, wrote it. The article focuses on how companies can influence the key forces in its industry to generate profits, create favorable environment and get highest market share, what makes it useful. However, its limitation is that the article is a one-page preview that quickly summarizes the key ideas and provides an overview of the topic, so it is difficult to get well-detailed explanation.

The audience of the article are probably the following: academics and students, which make it directed at researchers or experts in the field and writing style is appropriate for this audience. The article is clear and professional-looking as diagrams are used to illustrate concepts, examples and case studies are given, which are up-to-date. The material is well- regained with subtopics, which makes it easy to read. Source 3 – Government or market research report COED (2014). Country statistical profile: United Kingdom. Country statistical profiles: Key tables: COED.

Available from: http://www. Coed-library. Org ‘economics/country-stereoscopically-united-kingdom_20752288-table-KGB [Date accessed: 13th December 2014] Evaluation: The report was published by COED, which can be considered as a reliable organization, which makes statistical data trustworthy. The table was published on 14th December 2014, so information is recent and may be useful for future equines planning as this table includes detailed data on economy, education, energy, environment, foreign aid, health, information and communication, labor, migration, R, trade and society.

As the period covered is 7 years (2006-2013) the report helps to identify changes in the Auk’s performance and make adjustments for the next years. The data for the table was provided by the COED Fastback – a database, which includes data selected from more than 40 statistical databases. So the profile was made with access to wide range of sources. However, the report does not give any analysis or recommendations and theory grading business environment, which makes it less valuable. Source 4 – E-book Campbell, D. And Craig, T. 2005). Organizations and the business environment. 2nd edition. [Online] Amsterdam; London: Elsevier Buttonholer-Henchman. Available from: http://www. Centerpieces. Com/science/book/9780750658294 [Date accessed: 26th December 2014]. This book provides comprehensive coverage of the business environment. It discusses it detail and provides deep theory of each of the PESTLE factors as well as SOOT framework, what make this e-book valuable. The text is written in a clear and concise style, illustrated with apical examples and data.


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