[Solved] focus on bomb suspect brings tears and a plea

Focus on Bomb Suspect Brings Tears and a Plea

1 Barbara Jewell stared into the unblinking eyes of the television cameras she has come to despise and spoke in tears today of how life had changed for her son, Richard, since he was named a month ago as a suspect in the bombing in Centennial Olympic Park. “ Now my son has no real life,” said Mrs. Jewell, a little gray-haired woman, speaking out for the first time since her 33-year-old son was suspected – but never arrested or charged – in the bombing that killed one person and injured 111 others. 2“ He is a prisoner in my home,” Mrs. Jewell said at a news conference this afternoon. “ He cannot work. He cannot know any type of normal life. He can only sit and wait for this nightmare to end.” 3 She begged President Clinton to clear her son’s name and asked reporters to spread the word that her son was innocent of any wrongdoing in July 27 bombing. After her tearful request, her son’s lawyers said they will file civil lawsuits over reporting on the case. 4 Richard A. Jewell, a security guard in Centennial Olympic Park and former sheriff’s deputy, was at first hailed as a hero for discovering the bomb and helping to clear people from the area. The news accounts, including a special edition of the Atlanta Journal, named him as a suspect. Since then, television and news executives have repeatedly debated the intense attention focused on Mr. Jewell, with most deciding that too many people knew he was a suspect for his name to be avoided or suppressed. 5 “ I do not think any of you can even begin to imagine what our lives are like. Richard is not a murderer,” said Mrs. Jewell, and insurance claims coordinator. But she said, “ He has been convicted in the court of public opinion.” 6 Meanwhile, the Jewells continue to be besieged by reporters. “

They have taken all privacy from us,” Mrs. Jewell said. “ They have taken all peace. They have rented an apartment which faces our home in order to keep their cameras trained on us around the clock. They watch and photograph everything do. We wake up to photographes, we go to sleep with photographers. We cannot walk our dogs without being followed down the sidewalk.” 7 Mrs. Jewell said she was not just saddened and hurt by the ordeal, but was also angry. Richard Jewell was later cleared of any suspicion in the Olympic Park bombing. The federal government publicly apologized to him in 1997, and in 2005 another man pleaded guilty to the crime. However, Jewell’s life has never been the same since. Choose the right answer 2 points each

1) What is the main idea of the text?
a) Richard Jewell was named as a suspect in the Olympic Park Bombing. b) Richard Jewell’s mother thinks news reports are hurting her son. c) Richard does not like being followed by the media.
2) In paragraph 1, the word despise is closest in meaning to a) Detest
b) Enjoy
c) Tolerate
3) In paragraph 2, it can be inferred
a) Richard Jewell is guilty
b) Richard Jewell feels miserable
c) Richard Jewell is having the best time of his life
4) In paragraph 3, it can be inferred
a) Mr. Jewell’ lawyer will file lawsuits over the U.S.A. government. b) President Clinton is going to clear Mrs. Jewell’s son name. c) Mrs. Jewell appealed to the reporters to tell everyone that her son was innocent. 5) What is Richard Jewell’s occupation?

a) Television Reporter.
b) Security guard.
c) Lawyer
6) In paragraph 3, the word begged is closest in meaning to
a) asked
b) forced
c) looked at
7) In paragraph 4, the word most refers to
a) Police officers
b) People in Atlanta
c) Television and news executives
8) What’s Barbara Jewell’s occupation?
a) Reporter
b) Lawyer
c) Insurance claims coordinator
9) In paragraph 6, all of the following are mentioned by Barbara Jewell EXCEPT a) Photographers watch everything the Jewells do.
b) The Jewells are followed when they walk their dog.
c) Someone threatened to hurt Richard Jewell.
10) Write 1 to 4 to put the events in order in which they occurred. a) ____3______ Richard Jewell discovered a bomb in the Olympic Park. b) ______4_____The press started following Richard Jewell everywhere. c) _______2____ Barbara Jewell criticized the press for their treatment of her son. d) ______1_____ Richard Jewell was named a suspect in the bombing.

Write your opinion on the following topic. Make sure to use at least 100 words. What is the best source of news ( newspaper, cable TV, the internet, magazine)? Why do you prefer it to the other? Watch your spelling grammar construction and punctuation. Avoid contractions and use standard words. It all be taken into account when correcting.

The internet because the TV, newspaper and magazine only shows a short part of information about the topic that you look on internet, besides on internet you can find different pages that have more details, images and personal opinions. They all are a good source of information but by combining the information from traditional and non-traditional sources, the Internet provides a fuller picture of what is happening in virtually any situation.


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