Zombie’ genes? Research shows some genes come to life in the brain after death

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Physical activity is very important to every human being. Physical activity prevents multiple diseases like heart disease and blood vessel disease. In warm weather lots of people like to go outside for their exercise. The article I read did a study on people ages 20-39 in South Korea to see the amount of physical activity they did random screenings of people and asked how much activity they did over the last two weeks. They registered this by asking how many minuets of physical activity each person did. The people that did not exercise a lot they asked to exercise more. They made two groups out of these people. One group would workout when the pollution was high and another group would work out with low pollution. The people that worked out in high pollution had a 36% more risk to cardiovascular diseases. Where as the people who worked out in low pollution had a 26% reduction of cardiovascular disease. The article in my opinion is not consistent with the characteristics of good science. Putting people at a higher risk of cardiovascular disease is not something to experiment with. I think it is obvious that if pollution is high and you want some physical activity go to the gym to workout instead of being outside. On a background story my dads boss was going for a run one day in Minnesota and he had a heart attack while he was running and passed away. It is important to check the pollution on a app before working out outside.
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