ws311 women and gender minimum two page paper on keeping up with assigned materials

Objective: The purpose of Paper 1 is to demonstrate that you have kept up with the assigned materials and can draw from these readings/podcasts/videos to make better sense of events occurring in the world around you. (THE ASSIGNED MATERIALS WILL BE PROVIDED WHEN QUESTION IS ACCEPTED)
Instructions: Choose one recent news article relevant to what we have learned so far in the course. The article must come from a reputable, print news source (for example:The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, etc.), and should have been published within the last 6 months. Write a 2-3 page (double-spaced) essay that discusses the news article and how assigned course readings, podcasts and/or videos help you understand or think about what is happening in this news story. Your essay should address ALL of the questions below and have citations from at MINIMUM of 2 course readings/podcasts/videos.
Your essay should answer the following questions (although not necessarily in this order) in paragraph form:

Who wrote the news article? Is it an opinion or standard news story, and are there any evident biases or perspectives in the piece?
What is this article about? What is your reaction? (For example: Is it well-written? Interesting? Boring? Significant? Insignificant? etc.) Explain.
*What does this article reveal about what we have learned so far in the course?
When was the article written? When (or what time period) is it discussing?
Where (what place/s) is the article discussing?
Why was this article written? Why did you pick this article?
*How does this article show that Womenâ€s Studies is (or is not) relevant today?
* The “What” and “How” questions above are the most important! Be sure toanswer these questions with details drawn from course readings/videos.Essay requirements:

Two typed pages: one-inch margins, double-spaced, 12-point Times New Romanfont. Papers shorter than 2 full pages will NOT be accepted.
Use formal language and follow standard essay format (introduction, body, andconclusion paragraphs).
As a college-level paper, be sure to organize your ideas. You should have a cohesiveargument (or thesis) that drives the paper.
Identify and discuss one news article from a reputable print news publication that hasbeen published within the last 6 months.
Draw from a MINIMUM of two course readings/podcasts/videos in your analysis ofthe news story.
Use parenthetical citations. Be sure to cite source and page number. For example:(Collins 23).
Be sure to proofread for complete sentences, spelling/grammar, and paragraphstructure (with topic sentence).
Identify the following: author, article title, news source, and date of publication

Ø for example: Somini Sengupta, “The #MeToo Moment: What Happened After Women Broke the Silence Elsewhere?” The New York Times, December 22, 2017
Paper 1 will be graded using the following rubric.
Paper 1 Rubric






*Content Analysis/ Use of Evidence

Excellent: used minimum of 2 sources, eloquent, persuasive

Very good: logical analysis of 2+ sources

Good: solid effort to discuss readings and answer questions; does not discuss 2 sources

Needs improvement: difficult to understand; little use of evidence to support discussion; does not discuss 2 sources

Does not meet minimum requirements

Organization: Paragraph Structure/ Essay Format

Excellent: smooth, clear transitions and eloquent, persuasive structure

Very good: clear, logical structure

Good: solid effort to organize ideas

Needs improvement: little to no organization or paragraph structure

Does not meet minimum requirements

Spelling/ Punctuation/ Grammar

Excellent: few or 0 mistakes

Very good: few mistakes, still readable and compelling

Good: mistakes begin to make ideas difficult to comprehend

Needs improvement: mistakes make ideas largely incomprehensible

Does not meet minimum requirements

2-page minimum



Final draft on time



*most heavily weighted category

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