written response culture globalization and intercultural adaptation

This course examines the meanings and practices of culture in various global contexts. An awareness of your own cultural perspectives, as well as the perspectives of others, is a critical part of developing intercultural competencies. Recall that in modules 1-3, we look at the many intersecting aspects of culture, globalization, and intercultural competence development and adaptation. For this assignment, you will provide a written analysis of the cultural context in which you currently live or work. Drawing on the materials and readings from modules 1-3 and other appropriate readings you choose as references, you will identify and analyze the meanings and practices of culture within your current living/working context (e.g., cultural perspectives, intercultural communication ethics, human rights, impacts of globalization, etc.). Specifically, be sure to address the following questions in your written analysis: 1. Characteristics of Culture. Briefly identify and describe the cultural characteristics of your current work and/or life context. Explain the cultural perspectives and beliefs that you hold. What impact might your perspectives have on your understandings of and interactions with those from other cultural contexts? 2. Intercultural Communication in a Globalized World. What dimensions of culture have an impact on intercultural communication in your current work and/or life context abroad or in Canada? Providing one or two examples, explain both the local (i.e. the country you are in) and global (i.e. beyond the country you are in) aspects of cultural diversity that you can recognize in your current day-to-day experiences (e.g., Can you see aspects of globalization and/or marketization in your local environment?). 3. Intercultural Adaptation. Where are you positioned in the spectrum of DMIS? Can you reflect and give one or two examples of how you adapted to new/different cultures in Canada or abroad? For each question, make sure you provide an explanation and rationale that supports and demonstrates your analysis. Also, remember to provide a brief introduction that frames your responses, and a conclusion that synthesizes and summarizes your analysis. The following criteria will be used to assess this assignment: Clear and appropriate writing style, including proper use of grammar, citation of sources, etc. 5 marks Thorough written discussion that considers cultural characteristics and intersections from different perspectives, demonstrating appropriate analysis of the topics and concepts listed in the questions posed. 15 marks Effectively incorporates supporting information from a variety of sources in order to provide an accurate and balanced analysis of the questions posed. Use of a minimum of five sources for full marks. 10 marks TOTAL 30 marks

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