written assignment november 25

Written Assignment: November 25
On or before November 25:
–Describe in detail your capstone assessment. -You should design this before starting the unit.-It should offer students choices
– In addition to a one page, single-spaced paper addressing the following points, I need to see the actual assignment that you will share with students
– What specific learning objectives is the capstoneassessment designed to measure?
– How will you differentiate within the assessment?How did you do that if all students must meet the same learning objectives? – What is the criteria for “grading” this? Students need to know this before they begin, whether you use a rubric or specifically state what an A, B, C, and D capstone has and lacks

Possible helpful information from the module:
Module on Assessment
Please watch before starting this module
Formative & Summative AssessmentRick Wormelihttp://ed.ted.com/on/QwcBdG5t
Assignments & due dates:
Readings: Burke, chapter 8Atwell, chapters 6, 7,8Your unit plan is due 16 days after this module begins
Written Assignment #1Due Dec 3th, As much of your unit plan as you have completed and/or a specific section you want me to reviewWritten Assignment #2Due Dec 12: Describe in detail your rationale for at least one form of formative assessment and one form of summative in your unit plan
– What were the specific learning objectives eachassessment was designed to measure?
– Did you differentiate within each assessment?
– How did you do that if all students must meet the same learning objectives?
– Ideally I would like to see rubrics- especially for the summative assessment

The attachments are past assignments, they may be related or help you out. I will give you my login info to access everything from the course.

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