writing portfolio

Part 1: Writing portfolio: Preparation for teaching (Approx. 1000 words)
1.Compose a text recognisable as a Discussion about advantages and disadvantages of solar energy, suitable to be used as a model text for Year 6 students. (Approx.200-250 words)
The text must include:

Visual resources to illustrate the content. The visual resources can be your own drawings or collected ones, and
Key language features distinctive to the genre as outlined in the unit lectures and prescribed texts.

2. Text annotation: Annotate the model text (Approx.750-800 words)

Genre: Describe social purpose and annotate genre stages (structure) of the text.
Key language features:

Identify 3 key language features among the following options in your model text:
– Noun group with post-modifiers (or qualifiers)
– Complex sentence
– Passive Voice
– Nominalisation
– Modality
– Appraisal (Graduation resource)
Provide 2 examples for each of the 3 identified key language features from the text.
Annotate the examples for construction and/or meaning of the language features and explain how they function to achieve the textâ€s social purpose.

Image: Discuss meanings of the image(s) used in the model text.

Part 2: Teaching Writing: Modelling/Deconstruction and Joint Construction of Persuasive text (Analytical Exposition) (1000 words)

Modelling/Deconstruction: genre and grammar feature activity sequences (Approx. 600 words)

Use your Discussion composed in Part 1 as a model text. Focus on the Issue Identification stage.
a. Write an activity sequence (i.e. which includes Modelled-Guided-Independent activities) to model either Modality or Graduation in the Issue Identification stage.
b. Provide a differentiated activity for EAL/D students.

Joint Construction: A detailed Joint Construction lesson (Approx. 400 words)

In a 50-minute lesson, you are going to jointly construct the Issue Identification stage of the Discussion (or the Introduction paragraph).
a. Write a lesson plan for a Joint Construction lesson
Using dot points, provide more details about what the teacher would say (teacherâ€s talk) and/or do in each stage of the Joint Construction lesson as outlined below. (Approx. 100 words).
Please look at the attached file ‘mock up’. This file shows how the assessment task should look EXACTLY except we are talking about solar systems – NOT uniforms. (This is just an example)
The file ‘Rubric’ is what I will be marked on!!

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