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lmost one hundred years separate Lincolnâ€s second inaugural address delivered on March 4, 1865 from Martin Luther King, Jr.â€s open letter from Birmingham Jail written April, 16 1963. One hundred years is not a long time historically, but it is an eternity for a people oppressed and mistreated for several centuries, including most of the history of our young nation.
In a minimum of 750 words, analyze Lincolnâ€s address and Kingâ€s letter:

Discuss three things that connect Lincoln and King through these writings
Discuss at least one thing that separates them
What stands out most in your mind in Lincolnâ€s address and Kingâ€s letter?
Select one other reading and or a video clip for this week and explain how it adds to your perspective of Lincolnâ€s address and Kingâ€s letter.

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