write an academic paper

1. Topic should be your headline start with on the top of the page (cover Page)

and also on the top of the Page to start with introduction.
2. Format of the paper is very important with all requirements I have listed.

3. Make sure your objective statement is clear in Introduction related to your


4. Citations must be complete wherever you write your experience from reading,

such as your writing contents in Introduction, Literature review, Methodology

section, Analysis section, etc.
5. Make sure to follow the reference and citation procedure by APA guidelines
that I posted. Citations must have authors’ last names, yr of publication, and P#,
p. you have read from). In your literature review where you would have to
provide many citations because you would have to read many articles and
books, magazines for understanding how other authors made contribution to
this area of your research topic.
6. Make sure your methodology of research analysis is clear even though it
could be a just paragraph. It has to have your model structure of analysis with
identification of variables and their relationship and how to measure. Then state
the type of data (mostly secondary I suppose) of those variables and sources of
data collection and why the research approach is qualitative or quantitative
(briefly give reasons).
7. Analysis part is the longest section of your research paper and it has to have
detail data with chart, table and graphs (make sure to give sources of those
information) with your own analysis in your own words including the results of
your analysis related to you objective mentioned in Introduction section.

8. Conclusion section could be very brief containing your results from analysis

and how did you fulfill your objective or not and strengths and weaknesses of

your paper and policy recommendations, if any.

9. Make sure you list your references based on APA guidelines, I posted a

sample of references in the folder to follow.
10. Abstract is your brief summary of your research paper to be written in 200
words or less after completion of your research work. The contents for abstract
must include objective from Introduction, research methodology used, research
results and concluding points. Abstract has to be placed before the Introduction
section write after the table of contents with page #s.
Grade Rubric:
Abstract, Intro, Literature review, Methodology and Conclusion sections will carry a maximum of 4 points each for 20 points.

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