write an 4 pages essay about the different culture between china and american

This is an essay of personal research and reflection. Some of the assigned readings for this course involve eyewitness accounts of another culture by outsiders. These accounts reveal not only facts about the culture under study, but also the biases of the observer’s culture. For the paper, I want you to write an account of your personal encounter with another culture. Maybe you have had the experience of traveling to a foreign country, where you observed a different way of life that gave you revealing insights into your own culture. Or perhaps, you have lived in or traveled to a different part of this country. Even encountering another ethnic or religious group in your own neighborhood could provide the insights for this paper. Please write a 4 page (double-spaced) paper on your encounter with another culture.
Where were you? Whom did you meet? How did they live? How did they think? How would you describe and evaluate this other culture? How did you feel differently about your own life when you returned?
Even though this is not a traditional research paper, I still expect the same standards of structure, spelling, and grammar. Creativity in encouraged, but style and polish with creativity is the ultimate goal.
Please follow my background to finish this essay, you can use the first person to finish this essay too. As a Chinese international student.
My Background
I am a Chinese international student with no faith. Later on, I exchange to America to study. I studied in a Christian high school. I lived in the American host family, they bring me to their whole family to have expensive the real American life. They also take me to the Christian church each weekend.

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