write about the breakfast cereal manufacturing industry 1

The report should follow the order of items 1-16 listed below
Research should include the items identified below. In your paper identify the following items with boldface fonts [and number them to show their correspondence with this list.]

1 Study a manufacturing sector with a current CR8 ratio of 60% or higher in 2012.
2 Tabulate your industry’s CR4, CR8 and its HHI index for the years under consideration.
3 Compare 1997, 2002, 2007 and 2012 data in your report to evaluate the time trend in concentration in this period.
4 Describe your industry and its product(s).US Census has an extensive report on various industries, which includes this information.
5 expand your search by going to Hoovers Online.Here without subscription, you can access selected industry data, which include the top competitors in many industries. Find yours and describe them.
6 Determine if your industry is old or new.
7 Have there been significant technological changes in your industry?
8 Determine the Advertising Intensity in your industry, if applicable.
9 Determine the R&D Intensity for your industry, if applicable.
10 Are there other types of “product differentiation” firms use, aside from advertising?
11 Is there a dominant firm in your industry? How would you characterize the nature of interdependency of the top firms in your industry?
12 Identify the major merger activities in your industry, if applicable. If not, pleases describe the absence of merger activities and provide your source of that information.
13 What is the history of antitrust law suits in your industry?The Department of Justice, the division of Antitrust is a good source for more recent cases.
14What is the global position of the firms in your industry?
15 What it the profit history of these firms, specially for the top firms?
16 Be sure to include a reference page in your report. You can use any style for reporting them as long as they are consistent.

please use the links that can be found in the attached worksheet. you can find my industry in the first link its also attached as a picture.

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