word module 1 sam textbook project

WD 1-3Project: Flyer with a Picture
Businesses create flyers to gain attention for a message or an announcement. Flyers, which usually are a single page in length, are an inexpensive means of reaching an audience. Many flyers, however, go unnoticed because they are designed poorly.
The project in this module follows generally accepted design guidelines and uses Microsoft Word to create the flyer shown in Figure 1–1. This colorful, eye-catching flyer is intended to convey proper handwashing techniques to food service employees at a campus or school cafeteria. The flyer, which will be hung above every sink in the kitchen and restroom areas, contains a digital picture of an employee washing his hands. The headline on the flyer is large and colorful to draw attention into the text. The body copy below the headline briefly describes the purpose of handwashing, along with a numbered list that highlights how to wash hands and a bulleted list that concisely describes when to wash hands. The signature line of the flyer identifies a website that employees can visit for additional handwashing tips. Some words in the flyer are in a different color or further emphasized so that they stand apart from the rest of the text on the flyer. Finally, the page border nicely frames and complements the contents of the flyer.
Figure 1–1

ALPA PROD/ Shutterstock.com
In this module, you will learn how to create the flyer shown in Figure 1–1. You will perform the following general tasks as you progress through this module:

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