javac -g

The files in the lab2 directory contain classes for two different types of

doubly-linked list. The DList1 class does not use a sentinel, whereas the

DList2 class does. The DList1 class is not circularly linked, but the DList2

class is (through the sentinel). Compile and (using

“javac -g”.)

Your task is to implement two insertFront() and two removeFront() methods–one

of each for each list class. insertFront() and removeFront() insert or remove

an item at the beginning of a list. Make sure your implementations work for

empty lists, one-node lists, and larger lists.

The main() methods of DList1 and DList2 include test code, which you can run

with “java DList1” and “java DList2”.

Part I: insertFront in DList1 (1 point)


Write a method called DList1.insertFront() that inserts an int at the front of

“this” DList1.

Part II: removeFront in DList1 (1 point)


Write a method called DList1.removeFront() that removes the first item (and

node) from “this” DList1.

Part III: insertFront in DList2 (1 point)


Write a method called DList2.insertFront() that inserts an int at the front of

“this” DList2. Your code should NOT use any “if” statements or conditionals.

Part IV: removeFront in DList2 (2 points)


Write a method called DList2.removeFront() that removes the first item (and

non-sentinel node) from “this” DList2. Your code should not require separate

branches for the one-node case and the more-than-one-node case. (You will

need one “if”, to handle the zero-node case.)



Run the DList1 and DList2 test code.

1 point: DList1.insertFront().

1 point: DList1.removeFront().

1 point: DList2.insertFront().

1 point: DList2.removeFront().


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