The Individual Innovative Company Profile Report assignment

This is a paper that is student to focus on the Individual Innovative Company Profile Report. The paper also provides additional information to use in the writing of the assignment paper. Below is the assignment description:

The Individual Innovative Company Profile Report assignment

Individual Innovative Company Profile Report:

Each student chooses an existing company (subject to instructor and facilitator approval) in the *same industry* as the team innovation project. The paper therefore reinforces an in-depth perspective into innovation learning within a specific industry, as well as the more general innovation principles imparted by the class. The paper should be in the range of 750-1000 words maximum and should answer the following questions. Based on the research each student should do for the paper and also applying your own insights, experiences + perspectives where relevant:

Please organize the paper into three main sections with a header clearly reflecting each question:

(1) What are founding innovations for the existing company you have chosen?

(2) What are potential innovation directions in the existing company you have chosen as you think could be developed according to principles in The Innovators Method textbook?

(3) How can you apply an Innovation Capital and Innovation leadership perspective to the present or historic leadership of this company?

The Individual Innovative Company Profile Report assignment

Each student should also provide at least 5 distinct (e.g. not just from the company website). Credible (e.g. not a blog but a journalistic site with a reputation for accuracy and reliability). Non-Wikipedia, clickable URL reference links in English. Use standard APA formatting for the paper and references. Provide a complete title page, use headers within your document to identify each question (and use any sub-headers as needed). Use page numbers and please be sure to spell-check and grammar-check your document.

Assignments are graded based on specific analytic responsiveness to each of the questions. Also on the basis of incorporating and applying specific concepts from our textbooks and course. For each question, analyze and interpret the innovativeness of the company based on the accomplishments of the company and its leadership. Also in relation to specific concepts in our course and to our Innovation Capital and Innovator’s Method textbooks.


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