Using the ‘Fake’ Test, What, in Your View, Are the Core Properties of Doctor English Language & Linguistics Assignment, UOR, UK

Question 1.  Using the ‘fake’ test, what, in your view, are the core properties of DOCTOR? What are the peripheral properties of DOCTOR? Your answer must make reference to the particular way in which the ‘fake’ test bears on the determination of core and periphery.

Question 2: Both pictures below could be described as BLUE CAT. However, their semantic interpretation is quite different. Discuss briefly how the interpretation differs, and how we can represent this difference using set diagrams.

As based on Aitchinson’s book and the class discussion, summarise briefly why cases such as BLUE CAT represents a challenge for both Checking List models and Prototype models.

Question 3: The word film is (at least) a 3-way polysemy.
a. Identify the three meanings (three polysemes)
b. Suggest the specific relationship which holds between these polysemes.


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