Propose a program for developing reading comprehension at the elementary grade levels. You will use course resources, additional research you have identified, and any classroom experiences to support your proposal. Your proposal should include:
Rationale and purpose for the amount and degree of integration of technology-based reading comprehension curriculum and instruction with traditional reading comprehension curriculum and instruction
Description of how proposal reflects future trends in literacy generally and/or reading comprehension curriculum and instruction  
General description of the use of classroom space
General description of the use of time for technology-based teaching and learning
Ideas for research-based professional development related to integrating technology into reading comprehension curriculum and instruction
Possible parent/family and community collaborations or partnerships.
Strengths of proposed reading program
Anticipated challenges of the proposed program and how those challenges could be mitigate
Information about budget, data, and privacy issues are NOT required for this assignment.
Length: 8-10 pages
References: Minimum of 10 scholarly references


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