Pathetic Fallacy, The imagery of deterioration of an aspect of the father’s past English Homework, UoC, Canada

Part 1

  1. Pathetic Fallacy
  2. The imagery of deterioration of an aspect of the father’s past
  3. The imagery of the deterioration of a man-made structure, apart from a house
  4. The syntactic shift from a longer sentence to a very short one
  5. The symbol for innocence other than the boy
  6. The symbol for the illusion of power/protection over life and death
  7. Simile  (“When you die it’s the same as if everybody else did too.”)
  8. Symbol of a difficult journey
  9. The motif of ashes (two quotes needed to establish a motif)
  10. The motif of light/warmth (two quotes needed to establish a motif)

Part Two:  Evidence to suggest that

  1. The world contains people who have lost the importance of human compassion
  2. Something we take for granted in our everyday lives is seen as having deteriorated
  3. Even the sun, often a symbol for the hope of emotional direction, is described in a negative light.
  4. There is something more important than food in this difficult world
  5. God is mentioned, which reflects a desire to be connected to something larger than oneself
  6. The father is conflicted emotionally
  7. The duo finds sanctuary in the natural world
  8. The mother was worried about what would happen to the man (or boy) in this new world
  9. The son acts as a source of emotional or moral strength for the father
  10. The father is more physically or emotionally vulnerable than he lets on


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