PAM006 Construct a Research Proposal that Captures and Articulates a Research Design for your Chosen Area of Interest/Focus Strategic Financial Project, Coursework, UoL, Singapore

There is one task. This is for you to construct a research proposal that captures and articulates a research design for your chosen area of interest/focus. This task comprises a number of components. You are not conducting the actual study!

It would be worth noting that there is a possibility for you to link your coursework assignment to your final project’s business plan/consultancy report relating to this module. However, do note that the assessment brief for this particular coursework is specific and may not necessarily suit your ultimate business plan/report. This coursework is more academic and assesses the theoretical frameworks of research methods whereas the business plan/consultancy report within the final project is more
practical in nature. As a consequence, this coursework assignment may not naturally lend itself as a pre-cursor to the project.


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