Journal assignment



  1. Read Chapter 4, Socialization, in the textbook. (Textbook:  Schaefer, R.T.  (2019). Sociology: A brief introduction (13th ed.).    McGraw-Hill Education). No outside/web sources, please.
  2. Review the Purdue OWLfor instructions and examples of formatting in text citations and references as these are required.  In text citations go in the paragraph and the reference list is located after the Word Count at the end of your paper.
  3. Must include in-text citation from text book  Schaefer, R.T.  (2019). Sociology: A brief introduction (13th ed.).    McGraw-Hill Education


  • Briefly discuss how any two Agents of Socialization have influenced your life.

Please present your response in paragraphs with clear sentences, proper spelling, grammar, sentence structure, tense agreement, etc . 


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