Executive summary (this is just the executive summary I started)

Executive summary: (this is just the executive summary I started)
Today we live in a society where we need to do more and more things, to take care of ourselves in the smallest details, which would imply doing them in the shortest possible time with the best possible quality. The person needs to find the best possible time/quality ratio.
When we know what we want the best way to consume quickly remains Amazon, but when we want to choose between a large number of possibilities adapted to our needs this is where the usefulness of a multi-brand site becomes interesting. The multi-brand site aims to inform the best as well as to pre-select for the customers the offer the most adapted to the customer to whom it is addressed. We will therefore study the possibility of duplicating the business model of a multi-brand site such as de Farfetch in the world of beauty and hairdressing.
I.          How has the de complexification strategy worked in markets other than beauty?
II.         Can this trend be duplicated in another sector such as beauty?


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