“European chinese immigrant home parental involvement with early years children”

broad topic: “European chinese immigrant home parental involvement with early years children”
please narrow down this broad topic to a more specific and concrete research topic. Include
1. Proposed Research Question(s)
2. Provide a summary of your proposed research.
Why this topic?
Why this question?
How will you answer the question (methodology)?
3. Proposed research strategies (for example – case study, documentary analysis, and so on).
4. Proposed method(s) of data collection. For example – observations, interviews, and so on.
Please provide an overview of the project, focusing on your methodology. This should include some or all of the following: purpose of the research, aims, main research questions, research design, participants, sampling, data collection (including justifications for methods chosen and description of topics/questions to be asked), reporting and dissemination. Please focus on your methodology; the theory, policy, or literary background of your work can be provided in an attached document (i.e. a full research proposal or case for support document). define terminology, why this topic is worth studying, what other studies have done similarly.

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