Brain MagicThe Memory Illusion/ Brain Games


Create a brief document incorporating an experiment regarding memory. You may re-create an existing
experiment found online or create one from scratch. You are practicing identifying a problem, stating a
hypothesis, and developing a test (experiment) for the hypothesis. You may want to review chapters one and
two for guidance. This experiment is more open to providing experience with fully developing an experiment
without examples provided, on an assigned topic. Consider whether this will be quantitative or qualitative.
Define any variables…you get the idea.
Attached please find the Written Assignment with Scientific Method Template for you to use as a guide in
developing this WA. Attached also please find an example of previous student work.
This assignment should include all the components required for a WA research paper (Attached) but does not
need to be terribly long. This is practice for your final paper, so the Introduction and Communication only need
to be about one to two paragraphs each. However, you must ensure you are providing scientific background
research in the Introduction, with citations and references, and then your communication section should relate
data you gathered in your experiment to this information, with citations and references.
Video to watch;
Brain Games Season 1 Episode 2 ‘pay Attention’
Brain Magic- The Memory Illusion/ Brain Games
Brain Game- Season 3 Episode 7- Retain your Brain.


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