Antigone by Sophocles



You will write an analysis paper: on 1. Antigone by Sophocles

The required content for your papers are the following:

• What is the main conflict of the play?
• What is the form of dramatic conflict?
• Identify: Stasis, Intrusion, Climax, New Stasis
• What is the major theme of the play? How does the play support this?
• What are 3 minor themes of the play? How does the play support this?
• Who are all of the named characters in the play and what makes up their personality? You need to identify their objective through the play.
• What is some of the visual imagery created in the text of the play?
• How would you envision all of the design elements of the play? You need to address the scenic design, costume design, lighting design and sound design.



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