Analysis & Presentation


Apply the approaches from the Haass, Craiger, & Kessler (2018) and Kessler, Craiger, & Haass (2018) papers
your read in 7.1 Resources to:
Draw a (high-level) graph of the communication elements and their interconnection with each other, as well as
a high-level graph of the interaction of this system with other systems.
Identify the cybersecurity vulnerabilities.
Make a table, that includes:
listing the vulnerabilities,
identifying which attributes of the Parkerian Hexad the vulnerability represents,
the likelihood of each vulnerability being exploited, and
the severity of such an exploit (you could provide the likelihood/severity information in a color-coded table if
you would like).
Create Presentation
Create a presentation that includes your analysis, an abstract, and a narrative describing what you found.
Be sure to include your graph, identification of cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and your table.
Prepare presentation as if you were giving a 10-15 minute briefing to professional colleagues.
You can be as creative as you’d like with this. At a minimum, prepare a presentation (e.g., PowerPoint®).
Refrain from using fancy effects in your presentation; use bullets and do not write essays or lengthy
paragraphs in your slides

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