Assessment Task 1.: Individual Report
Wordcount or Equivalent: 2000 words (excluding tables, diagrams and appendixes)
Weighting: 50%
Refer to the EBTH case study (available in the end of MSG) and investigate further as appropriate. You are not required to have any special knowledge of the case study except that which is in the public domain. You may make any reasonable assumptions provided they are documented. You will need to use lecture materials and wider reading to complete the following questions. You must use the Harvard referencing style and include a reference list at the end. You are the newly appointed project manager for the project to roll out the business globally. You are required to provide a written report based on the EBTH case study.
You will be required to provide a written report based on the EBTH case study (available in the end of MSG) to cover:

Case study background
Selected project management methodology and justification
Developed project specification.
Project Plan, Developed Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) using Word, Excel, MS Project or any other suitable application.
Identification of skills and resources required for the project, including human resources and potential need for recruitment.

Case Study for Assessment 1 & 2 How one auction website underwent a digital transformation to boost sales from $8 million to $70 million.
 Cincinnati-based EBTH added partners and focused on improving technology to help it grow from a locally-based auction site into a national platform with explosive sales growth and plans to go global.
Auction websites aren’t new, but the way that Cincinnati-based Everything But The House manages their site is ground breaking. The company underwent a digital transformation that helped it grow from $8 million in sales in 2012 to $70 million in 2016 and an anticipated $120 million this year, according to Jacquie Denny, co-founder of EBTH.


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