5 . Side space normal.

The term paper is about Thatcher and her Falkland war. It should begin with an Introduction where to name the most important sources and authors as well as introducing thatchers foreign politics and the situation between the UK and Argentina. In the Following there needs to be explained how this situation escalated to a war and shortly analysed how the war took place and who won and how. Then the consequences for UK and Argentina need to be named, as well as how Thatcher used this war and Victory to gain approval despite the fact that the British economy was severely damaged. In the conclusion the head question (how did the Falkland war changed the attitude of the British people towards Margaret Thatcher and how did she guaranteed British integrity) should be answered and the paper should be summed up shortly. 3 pages introduction and conclusion and 10 pages main part. Please use about 10-15 sources concerning this topic. Direct citation is allowed. Footnotes not endnotes. Times new Roman size 12 (Endnotes 10). Pace between lines 1.5 . Side space normal.


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