Instructions: 1. Choose a genetic disease and write a brief case study scenario. By brief, I mean one to two paragraphs (each paragraph must contain at least 5 sentences). If your last name starts with A – H, choose an autosomal dominant disease. If your last name starts with I – P, choose an autosomal recessive disorder. If your last name starts with Q – Z, choose an X-linked recessive disorder. 2. Ask 5 questions regarding your case study; you must include at least one question asking for the responder to construct a Punnett square* in order to answer the question. The case study must be posted to the Discussion board (in the body of the discussion; NOT as an attachment) no later than May 24th at 11:59PM. You must also submit the the case study and answers (in one document) to the Assignment folder. 3. Meanwhile, read another student’s case study and answer the questions as a discussion post response (please type directly as a thread; do not attach your answers) using complete sentences. You must answer questions to two DIFFERENT case study categories (for example, if you were assigned an autosomal dominant disorder, then you must answer one regarding an autosomal recessive disorder and one regarding an X-linked recessive disease).


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