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For this assignment, write a 2,500-word-minimum essay that comprehensively analyzes the elements of a longform fantasy work of your choice, using at least three academically-oriented sources, including one scholarly book and two peer reviewed academic journal articles, to contextualize references and connections to specific elements of the work. Your essay will be graded on the following criteria: • Word count minimum met • Minimum use of source material (3 academically-oriented sources and the work = 25-23% of your essay) • Use of appropriately attributed and cited source material(s) • Precision of structure (main idea preview and argument thesis and topic sentences that preview main claims of each controlling idea) • Clarity of development (claim + evidence +analysis) • The strength of your evidence and analysis • Eloquence and correctness of language; lack of wordiness; more analysis less summary • MLA Format, including Work(s) Cited page


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