OVERVIEW: We have already seen that when looking at an individual book in the Bible through a biblical-theological perspective, two approaches should be kept in mind: (1) the theology of the book itself and (2) how the book fits in the canon of scripture. In this essay you will be treating two books as companion books, making sure that the theology of both books is clearly expressed (what is the theological message?) and demonstrating how the theological messages of the books are related to each other and to the greater biblical canon. You will be looking at the use of one book’s theological message by a later book. Again, learning how to do these two tasks is important to all areas of Christian life and ministry, particularly as they are impacted by eschatology. This interpretive essay will give you the opportunity to explain how the book of Revelation integrates aspects of the theological message of Daniel into its message and how the messages of these books fit into the greater biblical canon.
 INSTRUCTIONS: For this assignment, you will write a 1,200-word (minimum) essay on the theological message of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13. The title page, bibliography, and footnotes do not count towards the 1,200-word count minimum. A table of contents is not necessary but organizational headings are required. Be sure to provide a concise and focused introduction with a narrow, specific thesis statement and a concise conclusion that effectively summarizes the major points of the paper.Your essay must address at least 2 of the following issues: 1 How do these passages reflect larger theological motifs or patterns reflected elsewhere in Scripture?2) How do the parallels between the passages impact your understanding of the 2 passages?3) How should these passages influence a biblical theological understanding of human government?4) How do these passages inform and influence your understanding of the figure of Antichrist in the Bible?


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