1Industry /Firm Analysis Paper

Industry /Firm Analysis Paper: This paper is a strategic management study of a specific business and the industry/competitive environment it faces. The Strategic Management study will be concerned with the strategy and/or a major strategic decision of the subject firm. The study will include the following components:
1. An assessment of and projection for future behavior of the economic, social, legal/political, and technological environments pertaining to the subject’s industry.
2. A factual, documented account of the industry and competitive environment, faced by the firm.
 3. A factual, documented account of the firm’s capabilities, situation, and strategy over the time period under study.
4. A strategic analysis of the firm’s strategy or strategic decision in light of the prior information (#1, #2, and #3 above) to include the critical assessment of whether or not it supports the chosen strategy or strategic decision. The written reports normally run about 10 to 15 double-spaced typewritten pages (plus exhibits). A description of the industry and the firm to be covered in the report should be emailed to me in one week The final, typed report will be due on July 2nd. In selecting a firm, it is not necessary or even desirable to select a “star” performer. Companies that are doing poorly are often a more interesting learning experience than are very successful firms (i.e., why is the company doing poorly?). Students often make a mistake by choosing a good company and then writing a report outlining how great the company is. Such reports are often boring and not generally very informative. Financial performance is necessary to include in the analysis but the reasons for the financial performance are more important, i.e., the reports should emphasize company strategy and the “niche” if any, occupied by the company in the marketplace.


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