1Diet Journal

Diet Journal: Part One: Diet Journal is to be kept for 3 consecutive days. Everything is to be recorded, including beverages. Organization is the key component for this portion. Part Two: For each 24-hour period, a complete dietary assessment is to be completed. Calories, saturated & unsaturated fat, carbohydrates, protein, calcium, sodium, iron, and vitamins – folic acid, B12, D, and C are to be calculated and totaled. Intakes will be compared to the DRI’s and make appropriate suggestions for improvement (everyone will have room for improvement!). Part two should answers the following questions: • An overall critique of the diet • What are possible deficiencies, problems, diseases that could arise in the future? • What foods (not supplements) might you substitution to improve health and disease-prevention The Journal is to be typed and double-spaced. Part One and Part Two will be handed in together. Successful projects are typically at least 4 pages in length and should include 2 professional references.


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