1.) Read Check the Technique (Links to an external site.) by Brian ColemanLink

1.) Read: Check the Technique (Links to an external site.) by Brian Coleman
Watch: Whack World (Links to an external site.), by Tierra Whack
2.) Listen: Antelopetry playlist (Links to an external site.)
Link: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2wFStpd5FlRFgldw6tb7rp?si=8LiPQ3PYT6mcBmws7J5PYw&nd=1
3.) Write:
500 word response.
In Module 1, we focused on the architecture of hip-hop songs (our emotional reaction to the harmony, the arrangement, the way songs were constructed)
In Module 2, we focused on archaelogy. The intentional evocation of cultural memory, tradition, etc.
In Module 3, we will incorporate lyrical content. We will analyze song concepts from a literary/art-critical context. This is only one unit, so this is not meant to be exhaustive, but we will examine a few important “categories” of hip-hop songs, and a few important critical tools to understand the art of hip-hop.
For this week’s 500 word response…let’s think about the content of these songs. Hint: 99% of hip-hop is told in first-person, so understanding the first person narrator is by definition one of the more important things we can do in interpreting hip-hop.
Find an important difference between two songs on this week’s playlist. Describe that difference, and include quotes from the songs in your analysis.


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