1) In previous discussion forums, our conversations have demonstrated the comple

1) In previous discussion forums, our conversations have demonstrated the complexity of Walter’s character: he can be considered ambitious but also irrational; selfish, but also concerned about his family; greedy, but also generous. What do you make of him by the end of the play? What is the catalyst for the major change we see in him toward the play’s conclusion?
2) Beneatha has been trying to “find herself” throughout the play and has been dating two very different men, George and Asagai. Has Beneatha developed or changed as a character by the play’s conclusion? What are the values and dreams she has by the play’s end?
3) Is there a protagonist in this play? If so, who is it and why do you think so?
4) Is there resolution in this play? Which conflicts are resolved? Which characters have their dreams fulfilled? Which characters’ dreams have yet to be fulfilled?
5) The title of this play comes from a poem by another writer we have studied this semester, Langston Hughes. Hansberry includes Hughes’s poem “Harlem” (sometimes also called “A Dream Deferred”) in the opening pages of the play. Re-read the poem now and consider the connections between the poem and the play: why does Hansberry draw upon Hughes’s poem to help frame her own literary work? How can some of the lines in the poem be applied to characters or themes in the play?

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