1-Identify the first (earliest) policy written at the Federal(or state) government level regarding the chosen social problem

It is an outline. just like it is here. Same structure ( It is not an essay, not a narrative).
1-Identify the first (earliest) policy written at the Federal(or state) government level regarding the chosen social problem:
a-.What is the name of this early policy
b.-When was it enacted (year)
2)Describe how this early policy intended to address the identified social problem.i
.Ex: The policy provided direct monetary assistance to relieve povertyii.Ex: The policy expanded treatment for mental healthi.Ex: The policy mandated legal punishment for those selling drugs
3)Describe the social discourse in regards to the social problem and those affected by it at the time the early policy was enacted.i.Ex: Those in poverty were seen as victims of an economic depressionii.Ex: Child abuse was seen as a private family matteriii.Ex: People who abused drugs were seen as dangerous criminals
4)Identify and briefly describe any significant event that happened that brought attention to the social problem.i.Ex: An incident that garnered a lot of media attentionii.Ex: An incident that involved someone famous
5)Identify the societal values surrounding the social problem at that time.i.Ex: Individualismii.Ex: Patriarchyiii.Ex: Traditional familyiv.Ex: Social Darwinism
6)Describe how the early policy was shaped by those valuesi.Ex: We see the value of individualism expressed in the policy by…ii.Ex: We see Protestant Work Ethic values expressed in the policy by…iii.Ex: We see Judeo-Christian altruism expressed in the policy by..
.**These questions are easier to answer if you locate and read the language contained in the actual policy. Quoting (and citing) from the policy is highly advised..!!
_ The name of my policy is: The Community Mental Health Act of 1963
On ? # 3 Conservatives saying…, Liberals are saying… How society see the problem, what people are saying?
# 4- What the policy # 3 reacting to?
# 1 go back prior to the policy?
Please remember, answer it on outline!!!!


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