1. Briefly define the “examined life” according to Socrates in “Apology.”

Read: Al Gore, Our Purpose, and Amber Katherine, “A Green Introduction to Philosophy.”
Prompt: Write an 800-900 word (no more, no less), single-spaced essay on the debate question. (100 pts; late penalty 10% starting on the due date)
Grading will be based on your success on the following points:
1. Briefly define the “examined life” according to Socrates in “Apology.”
2. Specify and define “the good life” as the criterion for judgment.
3. Use Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” to provide a favorable rhetorical framework for your essay.
4. Take a side and state your position/thesis/conclusion, e.g. “I stand with Socrates, the path to the good life is moral self-examination,” or “Against Socrates, I will persuade you that the good life does not depend on morals.” Highlight your thesis.
5. Make an argument for your position supported by “real life” experience. REQUIRED: Include two examples: (1) related to climate change, and (2) a personal experience.
6. Make at least one argument against your opposition’s best critique of your position. [If you are for Socrates, Thrasymachus’ arguments are your opposition; if you are for Thasymachus, Socrates’ arguments are your opposition.]
7. Make use of arguments presented in the assigned readings.
8. Incorporate a quote from Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize Lecture or his film.


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