1. As a group, compare and contrast the various teaching approaches/methods

Discussion Questions:
1. As a group, compare and contrast the various teaching approaches/methods:
1. Grammar Translation
2. Direct Method
3.Audiolingual Method
4. The Silent Way
5. Total Physical Response
6. Suggestopedia
7. Natural Approach
8. Functional Notional Approach
9. Communicative Language Teaching
-Content Based Instruction
-Task Based Learning
-Cooperative Language Learning
10. Principled Eclecticism
Do you favor one approach/method over the other? Discuss.
Kemp (1998) discusses several areas of ASL that are challenging for ASL students. What areas of ASL are challenging for ASL students? How can ASL teachers make these areas less challenging for ASL students?
Kemp (1998) discusses the two types of motivation for learning a second language. What are the two types of motivation and how do they differ? Why is this important for L2 teachers to know?
Discuss the noteworthy differences between the instruction of spoken and signed languages. What are some unique challenges in teaching a signed language to hearing learners?

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