What Items are in Enema Kits?

Enema kits allow you to flush out any fecal matter that has built up in your anus and colon. The convenience of these products is that they allow colon cleansing to be done at home, with no assistance from a doctor or nurse necessary. There are a few items that come with most standard kits, including bags, hoses, nozzles and instructions on how to use the equipment.
The first item that should be included in most enema kits is an enema bag. This is the device that holds the soapy water — or plain water, if you prefer — to be inserted in the anus. These bags can vary in size, with the most common being 2 to 4 quarts (1.9 to 3.8 liters). There should be a hook at one end for hanging the bag, and an opening on the other, which is where the hose connects.
The hose is another familiar item found in enema kits. This enema tubing connects the bag to the nozzle, which will be inserted into the rectum. The hose is typically 2 to 4 feet (0.6 to 1.2 meters) in length, which allows the bag to be hung at varying heights.
A rectum nozzle can also be found in enema kits, and it is the piece that is inserted into the body. There are various types of nozzles to choose from. There are nozzles that help to prevent any of the fluids from leaking from the rectum, while others are designed for people who often have trouble with hemorrhoids.
Instructions on how to properly use the enema kit should also be included. It is important to follow the directions carefully in order to prevent discomfort or even injury. First time users often are advised to talk to their doctor or seek the advice of an experienced individual if the instructions are the least bit unclear.
Other items that are sometimes found in enema kits include an enema bulb or bucket — to be used in place of the enema bag — a hook separate from the enema bag, lubricant, and a solution mixture. These additional items may vary, but the above items usually come standard in most products.
To perform home enemas, buying a kit is advised. Buying enema supplies separately can lead to poorly connected devices, creating a huge mess or a great deal of discomfort for you. Enema kits typically can be reused as long as they are properly cleaned and stored after each use.

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