What Is Ormeloxifene?

Ormeloxifene is a medication that most often is used as birth control, particularly in those who are sensitive to hormonal contraception, because this drug does not contain hormones. It most commonly is used as contraception by women in India, but it also is known for being effective in stopping uterine bleeding and treating cancerous lumps in the breasts. Ormeloxifene is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM), which means it can affect different kinds of tissues in various ways. The effect this drug typically has on breast and uterine tissue is caused because it reduces estrogen.
This type of contraception works by making implantation unlikely, which means an egg could be fertilized, but a woman typically would not know about it, because the fertilized egg is unlikely to implant in the uterus. One of the ways ormeloxifene does this is by pushing the egg through the Fallopian tubes faster than usual, which makes it hard for the egg to avoid being flushed out of the body when it does not implant. Some women also notice that they ovulate later in their cycle when they take this drug, which also can make it difficult to become pregnant, though not all women get this result.
Women who use ormeloxifene to prevent pregnancy usually have to take the pill twice a week for the first several weeks of use, after which they typically can start taking it just once a week. This is in contrast to most forms of hormonal contraception, which usually need to be taken daily to be effective. Another benefit of ormeloxifene is that it does not contain hormones or steroids, which usually is appreciated by those whose bodies are overly sensitive to these substances.
Though ormeloxifene typically is considered quite effective as birth control, and it may even treat breast cancer and uterine bleeding, it may not be beneficial for everyone. For example, this drug usually is not considered safe for those who have had jaundice, polycystic ovarian disease or cervical dysplasia. Those with prior liver and kidney problems also usually are advised to use another type of contraception, because ormeloxifene may not be safe for them. In addition, side effects may include bloating or weight gain, nausea and headaches. Some also notice a change in their menstrual cycle, whether it is delayed, shortened or heavier than usual, but these side effects often disappear as the body gets used to the drug.

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