What is Myopractic Muscle Therapy?

Myopractic ® Muscle Therapy is a type of massage using deep muscle therapy and structural integration together in a fashion designed to achieve certain results, especially in relieving chronic pain. The technique was developed by Robert Petteway after three decades of working with those dealing with chronic pains. Myopractic ® Muscle Therapy has registered since the mid 1980s.
Myopractic ® Muscle Therapy works by making sure there is integration with both the muscles and body structure. In fact, this integration is key to making sure the entire body functions in its desired way. Relieving the pain in certain areas can only help achieve the desired results much faster.
Myopractic ® Muscle Therapy works by focusing on three areas: compression stretching, clearing and separating. The compression stretching works to bring deep relaxation to the patient, as well as to relieve tension, spasms and other common muscular issues. The clearing works to rid any obstacles that may be present which interfere with the soft tissue, such as scar tissue. Separating achieves balanced muscles.
If done correctly, Myopractic ® Muscle Therapy will help bring the entire body back into balance. This can be done in several different ways, which is why the technique is so valuable. It has the flexibility to be used as a full bodywork, helping achieve a Myopractic ® posture correction, or a spot therapy focusing on an area that causes particular problems for an individual.
One of the truly unique things about Myopractic ® Muscle Therapy is its use of ordinary tools not normally meant for human applications. For example, one of the primary tools used is an automobile buffer, used by those who wax vehicles. This tool can also be used effectively by those wishing to receive Myopractic ® Muscle Therapy.
There are a number of practitioners licensed in the first, second or third levels of Myopractic ® Muscle Therapy. Though it is not quite as common as some other forms of therapy, most people of those in the United States will find a practitioner within a day’s drive. Feedback from those who have undergone a session, or multiple sessions, is generally positive, according to the founder’s Web site.
Those who wish to practice Myopractic ® Muscle Therapy must do so by taking lessons from a person who is authorized to teach the technique. The only school offering Myopractic ® Muscle Therapy training at advanced levels for those wishing to become teachers is located in Austin, Texas. The school is licensed by the state.

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