What is Maya Abdominal Massage?

Maya Abdominal Massage™ is a massage technique developed by Dr. Rosita Arvigo in the 1980s. This gentle massage technique is designed to noninvasively manipulate the internal organs. According to Arvigo, Maya Abdominal Massage™ can be used to address some gynecological problems, especially infertility and prolapsed uterus, and it can also be used to treat gastrointestinal problems along with an assortment of other conditions. Typically, sessions also include counseling which may encompass the use of traditional herbal medicines, steam baths, and other alternative medical treatments.
Although the modern form of Maya Abdominal Massage™ is relatively new, it is based in an ancient massage tradition. Many cultures have some tradition of abdominal massage, the Mayans among them, and abdominal massage is an important part of some traditional methods of health care. Massaging the abdomen is supposed to bring the organs into proper alignment while stimulating the flow of blood and lymph in the body. Some people also believe that Maya Abdominal Massage™ frees blockages of energy which may be contributing to health problems or emotional unrest.
In a typical session of Maya Abdominal Massage™, the client remains fully clothed throughout the session, and lies on a massage table. The massage therapist usually starts with a seated interview, discussing the client’s particular issues and medical conditions, and he or she may also work on the client’s back, performing spinal manipulations before moving on to the abdomen.
Maya Abdominal Massage™ is contraindicated for women in the first trimester of pregnancy, women who are actively menstruating or using an intrauterine device, and people who have recently experienced abdominal surgery. There may be other conditions for which Maya Abdominal Massage™ is not recommended, so it is a good idea to seek the advice of a doctor before receiving treatment.
This style of massage is sometimes recommended for women who experience gynecological problems such as difficulty conceiving, painful cramps during menstruation, painful pregnancy, and so forth. Maya Abdominal Massage™ can also sometimes be used to adjust the position of a tipped, displaced, or prolapsed uterus, depending on the client’s individual case. In addition to being suitable for women, Maya Abdominal Massage™ can also be used by men.
As with any type of massage therapy, it is a good idea to consult the qualifications of the individual therapist before booking an appointment. A reputable therapist should be happy to tell potential clients where he or she trained, and for how long. Clients may also want to be aware that giving nutritional and medical advice without medical training is not allowed in some countries.

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