What is Feminizing Hypnosis?

Feminizing hypnosis is a type of hypnosis that claims to help transgender and transsexual men become more womanly. Men who use feminizing hypnosis for becoming more feminine might do so as part of the full gender reassignment process. Some men might choose to practice feminizing hypnosis because they wish to adopt more feminine mannerisms, habits and thought processes, even if they do not wish to pursue a full gender reassignment later on. Hypnosis for feminization generally takes advantage of the state of suggestibility many people can experience while under hypnosis. The technique can help transgender and transsexual men behave in more feminine ways automatically and unconsciously.
Transsexual and transgender men often think of themselves as belonging to the female gender, even though they possess male bodies. Many of these men seek to lives their lives as women by changing genders. Not all transgender or transsexual men wish to completely change genders. Some are satisfied to appear feminine, while retaining some male physical characteristics. Many wish to act, think, and feel more like a woman, and they wish to change their gender on the inside as well as on the outside.
Experts believe that the men and women think and feel in entirely different ways, and that these differences can contribute to the differences in mannerisms, beliefs, and behaviors between the two genders. A transsexual or transgender man who wishes to appear more feminine may find that simply presenting oneself as female is not always enough to truly appear feminine. Many transsexual or transgender men seek hormone therapy or surgical gender reassignment in order to appear, and, ultimately, be, more feminine.
Medical treatment alone, however, often can’t erase the lifetime of masculine mannerisms, thought patterns, beliefs, and habits these patients have often already established. Feminizing hypnosis generally seeks to replace these mannerisms, beliefs and thought patterns with more feminine ones. Feminizing hypnosis claims to access the unconscious mind, to implant hypnotic suggestions that can help the subject to think and behave in more feminine ways, without conscious effort.
The process of feminizing hypnosis is believed to make transsexual and transgender men feel and appear more feminine, because it is said to change masculine mannerisms and beliefs from the inside out. Even men who do not wish to undergo a full gender reassignment may use this hypnosis technique to feel more comfortable with themselves.

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